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Details of Package Session

  1. Menus and Key-Bindings
  2. Saving Session Variables
  3. Storing Buffer Places

Menus and Key-Bindings

For Emacs-21.1+ and XEmacs, this package defines the following menu entries and key-bindings:

Saving Session Variables

There are various ways to control which lists/variables are saved in the session file and which elements in a list are included in the saved value:

Technical detail: documentation of command session-save-session.

Note: you cannot share the same session file between Emacs and XEmacs (different coding systems, different types for the same variables, …).

Storing Buffer Places

Since not all buffers/files are of permanent interest, there are various conditions and means to control for which buffers to store some places:

Technical detail: documentation of function session-store-buffer-places.

Christoph Wedler, 14 Mar 2003