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Packages Related to Session

There are session management packages of two different categories, that are determined by one question:

Do you want to revisit all files from your last session and restore their places if you start Emacs or do you want that Emacs keeps track of the recently visited/changed files and restores as much places and other information for the corresponding buffer as possible if you revisit that file?

Package Session belongs to the second category. I actually don't like to have a huge startup time, simply because Emacs reads a lot of files at startup which I'm not interested in at the moment. I just want to be able to easily revisit files I've used before with point being at the position where it was the last time, and I want to be able to jump to the position of the last change.

One could imaging a combination of both categories, but nobody has actually done it. If you want, you could use package Session together with a package of the other category, probably desktop.el. Some packages of both categories also save some global variables (Session does).

Here is a little list of related packages, collected around 1998, some discarded later (no URLs, no active updating, but you can send me a mail). Let's start with the first category:

Here is a list of packages in the second category, i.e., the same category as package Session:

There are also some packages which restore window configurations. These could also be considered related to session management packages, probably more so for packages of the first category.

Christoph Wedler, 14 Mar 2003