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Session Management for Emacs

When you start Emacs, package Session restores various variables (e.g., input histories) from your last session. It also provides a menu containing recently changed/visited files and restores the places (e.g., point) of such a file when you revisit it.

To restore the variables, this package writes a session file (~/.session) when you exit Emacs. The file includes the values of variables which are automatically updated by Emacs during some editing operations:

To restore the places of a recently changed/visited file when you revisit it, this packages stores the places of a buffer in a special variable (the list mentioned above) when you kill that buffer (this includes exiting Emacs). Places are:

As opposed to desktop.el and other packages, Session does not automatically revisits all files from your last session, most of which are not interesting anymore.

Check the details for new sub-menus and further explanations. Check the news for the newest version number, recent changes and installation instructions. At, check the project summary and download the package.

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Christoph Wedler, 14 Mar 2003